The primary objective of the Trust is to provide relief in cases of necessity or distress among its members and their dependants. The Trust is also empowered, in suitable cases, to make grants for the education of members.

The Trust aims to give help in the most constructive way possible, whilst dealing with all requests speedily and effectively. The Trust maintains a close working relationship with all the other Service Charities to ensure the best possible assistance for its members.

Assistance need not only be financial; many members have found the advice available even more valuable than material aid.

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Every former Wren or female serving member of the Royal Navy who joined the Service between 1st September 1939 and 1st November 1993 is a member. (There are other organisations with which we can liaise for those who served prior to September 1939.)

The Trust helps both officers and ratings. Help is not restricted to members living in this country; we have many cases on our books where the recipients live overseas.

Raising Awareness

One of our biggest problems is raising awareness; it is surprising how many former Wrens do not even know of our existence. If you ever hear of a former Wren who you think may be having difficulties, do please tell her about us or approach us on her behalf. Many are too proud to ask for help, but we always stress that we are their special charity and one which they may have contributed to during their time in the Women’s Royal Naval Service.